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Bruna Cunhan

Bruna Cunha

Lead UX/UI Designer & Front-End Developer
“ Leslie is a great instructor, in just short time, I learned techniques that I will use over a lifetime to improve my coding skills. He has encouraged me to develop my Portfolio Website utilizing HTML5 and CSS3 Animations, which I ended up earning an Addy Awards in 2016. Leslie teaches with passion, knowledge and humor, and he cares about his students. I am greatful for having him as a instructor, and would definitely recommend his Workshops. ”
Max Richardson

Max Richardson

Studio Tech at NBC News
El penguin workshops has been a big help with learning everything from motion graphics to other adobe programs. Leslie has always been honest about what people look for in the industry. Always told me what they like and what they look for rather than me making random tutorials because they look cool. He challenges me to be creative and make my own instead. Now a days you don't find that. You can look stuff up online, but he can explain it to where you can understand it and apply it in the future.

Sylke Lopez

UX Designer
“ Leslie Orue is in touch with today's web technologies and was able to help me jump start my career as a web designer. He is very patient, well-mannered and makes learning much easier with his jokes. Highly recommend taking his workshop!”